Management Tip – The 5 Pitfalls Of Poor Business Communication Skills For Managers

Everyone knows that effective business communication skills are a necessity for any successful manager. But what are the pitfalls of poor business communication skills by managers?

1. Lowered Efficiency

Poor business communication skills can hamper the efficiency of your company or department through vague emails that need to be clarified, rewriting of vital documents, and the inefficient preparation of speeches and presentations.

2. Low Employee Morale

Poor business communication skills demoralize employees by forcing them to sit through boring presentations and by providing them with unclear direction on projects. The monotony and confusion associated with poor business communication skills is a chronic complaint of employees everywhere.

3. Inability to Complete Large Or Complicated Projects

Business communication skills are essential to efficiently completing large and complicated projects. When multiple people or departments are involved in a project, the value of effective business communication skills increases exponentially.

Without the ability to clearly communicate project responsibilities and objectives, your organization's projects will never get off the ground.

4. Lack Of Motivation

An often overlooked impact of effective business communication skills is how they serve to motivate employees. A collaborative and communicative environment fosters employee creativity and inspires them to action. In contrast, if your business communication skills are lackluster, your employees will drag their feet on their assignments and question the wisdom of projects.

5. Decreased Innovation

The ability to adequately handle current projects due to poor business communication skills will decrease any organization's innovation. The ability to innovate is predicated on the ability to communicate tasks and outcomes and the ability to get things done.

Being a successful manager means having the ability to communicate with your employees and outside vendors and customers. Improving your management skills is really just a question of improving your business communication skills. All effective managers are, first and foremost, effective communicators.



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