Mario Party Superstars


With Mario Party Superstars bringing back boards and minigames from the N64 titles, we put Mario Party 2 head-to-head with Superstars to see the graphical differences.

Evan Langer

Mario Party Superstars is the newest entry in the Mario Party series, and with it, five classic boards from the Nintendo 64 titles return. Those five boards are Peach’s Birthday Cake and Yoshi’s Tropical Island from the original Mario Party, Space Land and Horror Land from Mario Party 2 (which are showcased in this video), and Woody Woods from Mario Party 3. Superstars also contains 100 minigames from across the entire series, including the GameCube, Wii, and Wii U entries.

A few things to note about this video: The original version of Mario Party 2 is an N64 game, but the capture used in this video is the N64 version running on Wii U Virtual Console, while Mario Party Superstars was captured on a Nintendo Switch. Also, Mario Party 2 is running at 30fps, while Mario Party Superstars runs at 60fps, so you’ll notice one is smoother than the other.

Mario Party Superstars releases for Nintendo Switch on October 29, 2021. As of right now, the N64 Mario Party games are not scheduled to be released as a part of Nintendo 64 – Nintendo Switch Online, but hopefully some of them will be in the future. If you’re looking for more Mario Party Superstars videos, we’ve got you covered here on GameSpot.

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