Mark Rober’s Glitter Bomb 4.0 makes porch pirates pay

Mark Rober’s Glitter Bomb 4.0 makes porch pirates pay

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In a nutshell: Mark Rober’s annual glitter bomb videos are becoming a bit of a holiday tradition. The fourth-gen glitter bomb features several new surprises including a redesigned, multi-stage glitter cup, a car horn and an onboard microphone. There’s also 20 percent more fart spray on board, because of course there is.

In 2018, the former NASA engineer published his first glitter bomb video on YouTube. Months earlier, someone had stolen a package from his front porch. Armed with surveillance footage of the thief in action, Rober went to the police but they were too busy to help.

Rather than carry on with life, he made it his life’s mission to take a stand against “dishonest punks.” Hence, version one of the glitter bomb was conceived.

The glitter bomb is a booby-trapped bait package loaded full of glitter (and sometimes other surprises). It’s also armed with multiple cameras that capture a thief’s response when they open the unsuspecting box and get bombarded with an instant mess.

To say the series is popular would be an understatement. The original glitter bomb video has amassed over 87 million views as of writing, and the latest iteration published on December 13 already has more than 6 million views.

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