Martin, D’Onofrio Set “Cooters” Short Film

Martin Donofrio Set Cooters Short Film
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Actor and filmmaker Vincent D’Onofrio is teaming with “Game of Thrones” creator/author George R.R. Martin for the 20-30 minute short film “Night of Cooters”.

The project is an adaptation of Howard Waldrop’s 1987 sci-fi novel about Martians invading the town of Pachuco, Texas. The film will be shot with a combination of live-action and animation from Trioscope Studios.

D’Onofrio will direct and is set to star as Sheriff Lindley, while Joe Landsdale pens the screenplay. Martin will produce.

The short will also star Hopper Penn, Harrison Page, Martin Sensmeier, Cristin McCleary, Elias Gallegos, Luce Rains, Jazzy Kim O’Brien and Darius Eteeyan.

Source: Deadline

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