Mastercard expands ‘Click to Pay’ to more Canadian merchants


Click to Pay is now accessible on Canadian Tire, Mark’s and Sport Chek

Mastercard has expanded ‘Click to Pay,’ a secure password-free online checkout button, to more Canadian merchants.

With Click to Pay, consumers can quickly get through a guest checkout without the need to manually enter card details or remember passwords. The feature is designed to mirror the checkout process in physical stores, where one terminal accepts all cards.

Click to Pay is now accessible on Canadian Tire, Mark’s and Sport Chek. Since Click to Pay’s launch in Canada last year, the feature has become accessible on Pizza Pizza, Lowes, Roots and many others.

Mastercard states that although ecommerce has taken off in Canada amid the pandemic, the online guest checkout experience is “stuck in the past.”

The company outlines that forty percent of Canadians say they prefer to use guest checkout, which means that they have to manually enter personal payment information each time.

Mastercard notes that 38 percent of Canadians admit this process is a pain and one in four Canadians will abandon an online shopping cart due to a slow or complicated checkout process. It says this is why it’s expanding Click to Pay to more merchants.

Image credit: Unsplash (@rupixen)

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