Math Help for Those Struggling with Probability, Statistics or Calculus

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If a student is struggling in any mathematics subject area, it is important to find ways to help. Probability, Statistics and Calculus are areas where even normally high achievers may find themselves struggling.

Classroom instruction works well for many; however, for others, a 45-minute classroom session, surrounded by the distractions of their peers, is simply not the ideal way to learn. Even if students pay close attention in class, they are liable to miss a lesson or a portion of a lesson for any number of reasons. And since math works like a chain, with one concept leading to the next, a “missed link” causes subsequent material to stop making sense.

Probability & Statistics

Many students struggle with Probability and Statistics through no fault of their own. After all, Probability and Statistics has its own unique language and set of rules. Nonetheless, the frustration experienced by Probability and Statistics students can result in a loss of self-confidence.

If the student is struggling with Probability and Statistics, look for a comprehensive, step-by-step Probability and Statistics tutorial, an approach that simplifies complex concepts by breaking them up into smaller steps, using illustrations and providing real-life examples.


Need help with calculus? You are not alone! Calculus is one of the most difficult subjects for many students, even those who are normally high achievers. But here’s some good news: once a student becomes familiar with the special “language” of calculus, it can become one of the easiest, and even most enjoyable, things for them to do!

Calculus is based on a special kind of logic–once it clicks in students’ heads, it becomes easy to apply to any type of problem. The trouble is, some students learn best at different paces, and in different environments, than others.


Many students struggle with geometry. Geometric shapes don’t translate very well on a blackboard. Students need a much more visual imagination to understand concepts such as: points and lines; angles; parallel lines; analytic geometry; the coordinate plane; distance; midpoints; slope; equations of lines; deduction and formal proofs; polygons; introduction to triangles; angles of a triangle; right triangles pythagorean theorem; congruent triangles; similar triangles; quadrilaterals: trapezoids, parallelograms, rectangles, rhombuses, squares; perimeters and areascircles; lines associate with circles: radius, diameter, chord, tangent, secant; the equation of a circle; angles associated with a circle; area and circumference! Nonetheless, geometry is an essential component of a good education.

Tutorial programs and tutors can help a student grasp difficult mathematical concepts and excel in his or her math class. Find a math tutor who can offer a comprehensive tutorial program and cement challenging math concepts through repetition. Hundreds of interactive exercises are available by tutors to ensure that the student masters all the formulas and concepts of the review. Tutors can also assist with recommending and providing good math workbooks. Such workbooks provide additional practice and exercises and students can eventually work through and solve problems on their own.

The knowledge and sense of achievement that a tutoring program can bring to the student will pay big dividends for years to come. Not only will it help earn a good grade in Probability and Statistics or Calculus, but it will also lay a critical foundation for future success, including help with college admissions exams.



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