Max Verstappen Clung to Victory at the Us Grand Prix

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Formula 1 racing events are among the internationally followed motorsports competitions. The international racing events have deep roots and sentiments attached to the European Grand Prix Championships, which were started in the early 1920s and soon became an internationally followed sport. F-1 events comprise drivers and companies worldwide, which compete in various championships and track events to secure the title and ultimately be the best in the circuit. In a recent US Grand Prix event, the Red Bull star Max Verstappen defeated Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes. Grand Pix motorsports require drivers to be agile and adaptive to compete in various circuits and conditions. The one who can control his emotions gets to be the winner at the end of the race.

Formula 1 racing is a globally followed motorsport, attracting young and determined drivers competing in local and regional track events. The US Grand Prix is a widely followed competition that features many stars and professional drivers backed by motor and tech giants. Over the years, online betters and gamblers have shifted their attention towards motorsports, considered the best betting sport. Formula 1 online betting in Arizona is made convenient through various online platforms that provide game-oriented insights and updated dynamics. Before betting on any driver, or a racing event, one should always look out for the driver’s past track record and performances.

The Belgian-Dutch racing sensation got into the F-1 news after winning the Grand Prix event held in Austin, Texas. F-1 clashes always fascinate the young generation, which shows a keen interest in automation, motorsports, and technology. According to the recent statistics of 2020, Formula 1 events have been watched by over 87.5 million people across the globe. The rising popularity of F-1 among people has motivated companies and sporting rivals to sustain their position and standings in global and league events.

Who is Max Verstappen?

Max Verstappen was the youngest F-1 driver to make his debut at 17 in the Australian Grand Prix event. Since his debut in 2014, Max Verstappen has been among the best drivers of the circuit. Before stepping into the Formula 1 arena, Verstappen achieved a notable feat by winning Flemish Minimax and the Belgian KF5 champions. Max Verstappen made his debut for Red Bull Racing in 2016 as a replacement and was able to win the Spanish Grand Prix event. During his early days in the circuit, he dominated the Florida Winter Series and won his second race by the slightest of margins against Nicholas Latifi. Max Verstappen is associated with Red Bull Racing till 2023, after which he is likely to get an extension in the contract. According to today’s statistics, Max Verstappen leads the charts with 25 points in the F-1 US Grand Pix Championship.

Max Verstappen’s Formula 1 Career

Formula 1 drivers demonstrate a great resilient attitude during intense games and championship rounds. Over the years, Verstappen has participated in various international events under the flag of Red Bull Racing and has done considerably well. At a very young age of 17 years 180 days, Verstappen became the youngest F-1 driver to score World Championship points in the circuit. Since his debut in 2015, as the youngest full-time driver, Verstappen was among the top and second-tier drivers, performing well in various rounds held in China, Bahrain, Malaysia, and Spain. In 2015 Max Verstappen was involved in a severe collision while speeding at the Monaco Grand Prix event. After this, Verstappen faced a five-place grid penalty and was named a dangerous driver in the circuit. Verstappen was also successful in finishing 4th in the Hungary lag and managing to bag three titles: Personality of the Year, Action of the Year, and Rookie of the year.

Max Verstappen started the 2016 season after qualifying 5th for the opening race in Australia. Max Verstappen also managed to qualify with the 4th spot in the Brazilian Grand Pix event during the ongoing season. 2017 was a year of calamities for Max Verstappen, which started with multiple mechanical and engine failures during various races. Verstappen had to retire during the 7th game of the season and was hoping to consolidate for the upcoming races. After a few unwanted events and mismanaged races, Verstappen gained confidence and enjoyed success during the Malaysian Grand Pix event. During the race, Verstappen was able to overtake and suppress Lewis Hamilton.

Verstappen is a determined racer known for making solid comebacks. In the second half of 2018’s season, the fearless racer achieved podium standings in Belgium, Singapore, Japan, and the USA. Max Verstappen ended the season by earning 2nd place that seemed diminished since the start of the season. Winning the title of the 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix was also a scintillating achievement of Verstappen, which bought him immense joy and confidence. Max Verstappen was constantly performing during the 2019-2021 seasons, including finishing second in the Russian Grand Prix event. In addition to his previous performances, Verstappen qualified in third place at the Portuguese Grand Prix event.

How Prepared Was Max Verstappen to Suppress His Archrival?

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are always in the race to overtake and suppress each other. At the Dutch Grand Prix event, Verstappen could pass Hamilton by the slightest margin of 0.0038 seconds. Verstappen was always aiming to improve his standings by focusing on the points gained after every race. After a few close calls at the Turkish Grand Prix, Verstappen finished on pole, consolidating his lead of five points against Hamilton. Hamilton finished 5th at the Turkish Grand Prix, which affected his overall standings.

At the all-important event of the US Grand Prix being held in Austin, Verstappen took the pole and qualified, edging over Hamilton by a difference of 0.209 seconds. After the race, the Verstappen was leading the charts with a substantial lead of twelve crucial points. These slightest of margins would ultimately be the deciding factor at the end of the ongoing season.

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