Metaverse Parties Will Change Entertainment Forever

by Lily White
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In-person entertainment suffered tremendously during the Covid-19 pandemic. Concerts were canceled, sporting events took place without fans crowding the stands, and theme parks sat empty.

A world in lockdown resulted in an increased interest in the creation of the Metaverse, a virtual, virus-free place where players enjoy all forms of entertainment using their customized avatars. Although the real world has reopened, it seems like the Metaverse is here to stay, and it’s permanently changing the way people experience entertainment.

Understanding the Metaverse

The full-fledged Metaverse is still under construction, and there are many companies working to bring the concept to life. Virtual reality has already proven itself to be wildly successful and entertaining. When people use virtual reality technology, the brain processes the information as though it were real. This makes entertainment in the Metaverse possible.

Currently, the Metaverse is still in its infancy. There is no one platform where you log in, put on VR glasses, and enter the virtual world. A few games like Minecraft and Fortnite are considered mini iterations of the Metaverse, but a fully connected, centralized online world is still just a concept. However, virtual reality technology is already changing the way people enjoy and provide entertainment.

Parties in the Metaverse

In the Metaverse, you are able to host a virtual party and invite an infinite number of people. Parents hosting their kids’ birthday parties on Zoom during the pandemic was just the beginning of virtual gatherings. Fortnite, one of the most popular virtual reality games, allows players to host parties on the platform and invite friends. As the Metaverse develops, it is certain we will see just as many virtual parties as in-person get-togethers.

Parties in the Metaverse would feel just as real as in-person parties thanks to virtual reality technology. By eliminating the risks associated with in-person gatherings and maximizing the pleasure, the Metaverse may be the choice venue for future parties. Undoubtedly, many people will enjoy being able to reap the rewards of social interaction while their physical bodies remain safely at home.

Entertainment in the Metaverse

Over the past few years, several artists have hosted concerts using virtual reality technology. In the Metaverse, concert attendance is not limited by the number of seats in the venue. Millions of people can attend a single concert in the Metaverse without ever leaving home.

Theme parks could be the next form of Metaverse entertainment on the horizon. While real theme parks face many limitations, virtual reality could pave the way for the creation of parks that aren’t bound by the laws of physics.

Sports is another form of entertainment that will be altered by the Metaverse. Real-time data analytics tools like Next Gen Stats are already being used to give fans a better experience. Virtual matches could be held in the Metaverse using avatars of real-life players, and sports betting could be facilitated by cryptocurrency.

Metaverse Pioneers

Facebook changed its name to Meta and is chomping at the bit to capitalize on this new technology. The company pledged its commitment to developing the Metaverse and has already released a few ideas for what entertainment could look like in a virtual world.

Disney has also jumped on the Metaverse bandwagon and is looking to build a virtual amusement park. Other companies around the world, such as PandaMR, have already started pouring money into developing their own slices of the Metaverse.

The Future of Entertainment in the Metaverse

A Metaverse is a form of entertainment within itself because it’s new and exciting. People are able to have real-life experiences and enhanced, fictional experiences from the comfort of home. A Metaverse that allows people to host parties seems innovative now, but it may become commonplace in just a few decades. The ability to host an unlimited number of people and monetize content creation with cryptocurrency will lead companies to enter the Metaverse and alter entertainment forever.


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