Motorcycle Safety 101: What You Should Always Wear While On The Road


involved in a road accident compared to those traveling by car. Although most people strive to use proper driving skills and do not intend to hurt anyone while driving, accidents can still happen.


There are various reasons why motorcycles are more prone to crashes: less stability of bikes compared to four-wheel vehicles, the visibility of motorcycles to other car drivers, as well as the physical skills and mental alertness of the riders. Motorcycle riders who get involved in a crash or collision can suffer from concussions, injuries to the shoulder, pelvis, arms, legs, and other parts of the body. Also, road mishaps can lead to serious permanent injuries and even death. This situation is the best time to consult a knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorney like The Dominguez Firm.



What Motorcyclists Should Never Forget to Wear While On the Road

Even if a motorcyclist is law-abiding and very careful, accidents can happen because of the negligence of other people. In fact, according to the Insurance Information Institute, in 2017, more than 5,000 motorcyclists died in road accidents in the U.S. These motorcycle fatalities may have been prevented if the riders were wearing protective gear. The proper equipment, together with tried and tested road safety tips, help reduce the vulnerability of motorcycle riders on the road.


Wearing the right gear will help keep motorcycle riders safe while traveling. Here are the essential equipment that riders should wear while on the road at all times:


1. Motorcycle Helmet


A motorcycle helmet is one of the most worthwhile investments that every rider should have. Most countries have laws requiring motorcycle riders to wear a helmet. In the U.S., however, helmets are not required in Arizona, as well as in two other states. While there are different reasons why helmet laws vary from location to location, a motorcycle helmet is still an item that motorcyclists should wear all the time because of these reasons:

  • It helps protect the rider from trauma or injury during a crash
  • It offers protection against wind noise
  • It shields the rider from flying objects such as rocks, shards, twigs, insects, etc.
  • It helps cut down the sun’s glare (built-in visor)


A motorcycle helmet should meet quality and safety standards because a sub-standard motorcycle helmet may not be able to protect the rider from impact. However, many motorcycle riders are worried that wearing a helmet will cramp their style, or it may feel uncomfortable. Fortunately, manufacturers nowadays offer motorcycle helmets with comfort in mind, and there are a variety of design options to suit different preferences.


2. Boots


You can minimize injuries to the lower part of your body by investing in a pair of high-quality riding boots. A sturdy pair of riding boots is crucial to support your feet, ankles, and legs while on the road, especially when you are driving along uneven and slippery terrain. Look for a pair of boots with excellent ankle support and non-slip soles since you will always use your feet and legs during the entire trip.


3. Gloves

Motorcycle riders are more likely to get injured or die when they get


While the law does not require the wearing of gloves while riding a motorcycle, the right pair of gloves provides a host of benefits to the user. Motorcyclists should wear gloves all the time because:


  • Excellent grip: It is easy to lose control of the handles when the hands are hot or sweaty from driving. Because of this, most motorcycle gloves have silicon material to ensure a safe and secure grip. It also keeps the hands warm when the weather is cold outside, preventing them from getting numb and losing your control on the handles.


  • Comfort and protection: Motorcyclists can experience hand fatigue after being on the road for a long time, which can be prevented by wearing a pair of comfortable and well-padded motorcycle gloves. Choosing a pair of gloves with excellent padding and support will help protect the hands from injury during a road mishap.




Motorcycle riders can choose from a wide variety of safety gear to make the ride safer and more enjoyable. It is best to invest in the three most essential gear for motorcycle riders: helmet, boots, and gloves. Getting involved in a road accident while riding a motorcycle is never a pleasant experience – ensure your safety by investing in high-quality motorcycle gear and get in touch with a reputable motorcycle accident attorney near you.


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