Nancy E. Smith, Mitchell Center Speaker Series, 3/5/2018

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Title: Of Course Smart Growth! What Else is There?
Speaker: Nancy E. Smith, Executive Director, GrowSmart Maine

The implications of land use decisions on where we choose to live and how we make a living. People choose to live in Maine for many reasons: connections to family, our iconic landscapes and architecture which foster farming, fisheries, forestry and beautiful downtowns, villages and Main Streets, our strong sense of local community through which we both support our neighbors in need and leave each other in peace and our gritty, independent spirit which drives us to achieve great things and occasionally prevents us from working together. GrowSmart Maine believes these strengths must be the foundation for our innovation and prosperity.

Maine is not unique in these attributes, but our uniqueness comes from what we achieve because of them. GrowSmart
Maine works with people from across the state to create sustainable communities and we do so by recognizing the
value of individual focus and collaborative efforts.

Why do you choose to live and Maine, and what impact will you have while you are here?

Nancy Smith has lived and worked in Maine since 1981 and joined GrowSmart Maine as Executive Director in April 2010. She served four terms in the Maine State House of Representatives, representing Monmouth, Litchfield and Wales, while working on her family’s diversified livestock farm in Monmouth. She served as House Chair of the Legislative Committee on Business, Research, and Economic Development and as a member of the Committee on Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry. In addition, Nancy worked as a forester for over twenty years for a major industrial landowner in northern Maine and within a consulting firm serving small woodland owners in central Maine. She formerly served as a member of the Maine Economic Growth Council, on the board of Maine Rural Partners,
and as co-chair of the Council of State Governments/Eastern Regional Conference.

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