What You Need to Know When Buying and Selling Art


Buying and selling art at the right time can become a serious career, if you know how to play your cards right. This can lead to a big windfall, but it’s all about knowing the right time to buy and sell, if you’d like to make money from an artistic passion, then we can help.

Understand the Art

There are many different kinds of art out there and not all will present you with the same opportunities to make money. There’s collectible art, decorative art and also investment art – when you go to view these pieces you will need to start to understand which is which.

Spotting a good investment comes from experience, so if you’re not successful initially then don’t be discouraged. Doing some research to understand the art prior to buying will allow you to snap up the best deals.

Build a Portfolio

Ideally, you want to have a lot of different kind of art available to resell. Don’t just buy all landscapes or portraits, mix things up so you have more to offer a potential buyer. Having a lot of art to pick from will mean that you can appeal to more buyers and be more likely to sell at a price that will deliver you a larger profit.

Know the Market

Art very much tends to follow trends, sometimes classical art is popular and other times people love more modern takes. If you check out Fine Art America reviews, then you’ll be able to see a selection of art that has been purchased recently.

If you keep up to date with this then you’ll be able to understand what’s gaining in popularity and what’s not. Then, when you buy more pieces you can pay less for the unpopular ones and keep them until such a time when the trend comes back into fashion.

Create Relationships with Dealers

While you want to negotiate and get good deals, you don’t want to burn your bridges with dealers. These can give you the heads up on rare pieces and even give you exclusive access to their collection, so you want to create positive relationships with them. The more art you buy and the more interaction you have with them, the better your contacts will be.

Check for Authenticity

The world of art fakes is really highly reported on, so many people are aware of it. However, you should have a more in depth knowledge about what to look for in a piece.

Check for signatures and even numbering to ensure that you’re buying a real items, as you don’t want to pay over the odds for a replica. There’s nothing wrong with buying replica art to sell, just as long as you’re aware of the fact that it’s not an original and make your buyers aware too.

Art can represent a serious investment for you and you can really make money back in the long term. Being savvy with what you pay and when you sell up, will allow you to create a career with art dealing.

By Nina Mosely

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