Netflix is working on a live-action Gundam film


The Sunrise anime adaptation is set to be directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts

Popular anime Gundam is getting its own live-action Netflix movie.

Filmmaker Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who also worked on Kong: Skull Island, will direct and produce the movie for Legendary and Netflix. Legendary will distribute the film in China, whereas Netflix will distribute the movie everywhere else.

Grab your Mobile suits! Jordan Vogt-Roberts has been set to direct and produce Legendary’s first-ever live-action feature film version of Sunrise’s GUNDAM for Netflix.

— NX (@NXOnNetflix) April 12, 2021

Comic book writer Brian K. Vaughan (Y: The Last Man) is writing the screenplay and will executive produce the film.

What part of Gundam’s story will be featured in the live-action take on the series is unclear. The Gundam franchise, which is set in a distant future where human colonies space fight in giant mecha suits, was first launched in 1979 as a TV show called Mobile Suit Gundam. There are countless movies, films, manga, toys and video game entries in the long-running series.

Vogt-Roberts is also working on an adaptation of Metal Gear Solid starring Oscar Isaac for Sony Pictures. That said, Variety believes that the Gundam movie is tracked to start shooting first.

It’s also to note that Netflix is also working on a live-action adaptation of another Sunrise anime, Cowboy Bebop, which could arrive as early as this year.

Image Credit: IMDB

Source: NXOnNetflix Via: Variety

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