In this episode of GameSpot News, we talk about the release of Minecraft’s 1.18 update, The GTA Trilogy’s major patch, and update to Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer progression and new details for Warzone Pacific.

DeVante Chisolm

In this video, DeVante talks about the release of Minecraft’s Caves and Cliffs Part 2 update. This features taller mountains, deeper caves and new biomes. Features like the Deep Dark biome and the Warden have been delayed.

DeVante also talks about The GTA Trilogy getting a major update that includes general stability improvements across all three games and fixes a long list of bugs. In particular, the update improves how rain looks so it’s not totally overwhelming in GTA III.

Later in the video, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer progression gets another update and Activision reveals more about the Warzone Pacific map.

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