New World Ammunition Guide: How To Make Iron Cartridges Bullets And Flint Arrows


Amazon’s MMO New World is filled with danger at every turn, and whether it’s fighting off hostile players from the opposing faction or taking on monstrous NPCs, it’s never a bad idea to have a ranged weapon in your arsenal. The only downside is that ranged weapons like the musket and bow require ammunition. Using a ranged weapon regularly will quickly run through the ammunition supplies you might find simply from looting the environment, and acquiring more ammo can be difficult in the game’s early stages.

Thankfully, making ammo in New World isn’t exactly hard, but it does require you to do a little legwork. You’ll need several different types of resources that must then be converted into another resource, before you’ll be able to craft ammo like iron cartridges for the musket or flint arrows for the bow. Here’s how to find what you need to become a marksman in New World.

How To Find Hemp And Craft Iron Cartridges For The Musket

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For those wanting to bring a little Old World technology into the New World in the form of the musket, you’ll need to acquire a few different types of raw materials in order to have a suitable supply of ammo. Making iron cartridges for the musket is actually a two-step process. First, you’ll need to create gunpowder. To make gunpowder, you’ll need:

  • 1 Saltpeter
  • 5 Charcoal
  • 2 Flint

Saltpeter is found in caves throughout the game, and green wood, needed for the charcoal, is found just about anywhere there are trees or bushes. Flint can be found throughout the environment but is most prevalent near bodies of water. Once you’ve got your gunpowder, it’s time to make some ammo. To make iron cartridges, you’ll need:

  • 4 Iron Ingots
  • 1 Linen
  • 1 Gunpowder

Iron ingots are created from smelting raw iron, which can be found in various quarries in the game’s starting areas. Creating the linen is where things get a little difficult. To do that, players will have to find hemp plants in order to gather their fibers, which can then be converted into linen using a loom in any settlement. Hemp is difficult to find in the early stages of the game, and is found primarily in meadow-like areas. There are large quantities of hemp in the western region of New World’s Windsward territory, as well as in smaller field-like areas in Everfall, Monarch’s Bluff, and First Light. After creating some linen and iron ingots and combining it with gunpowder at a workbench, you will be the proud owner of 50 iron cartridges. You’ll need a lot of bullets if the musket is going to be one of your primary weapons, so be sure to craft a large supply and always keep an eye out for hemp, iron, and saltpeter while out in the world questing.

How To Craft Flint Arrows And Iron Arrows

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Archers starting out in New World will need a steady supply of arrows. Thankfully, crafting arrows is a little less involved than making musket ammo. To make a batch of flint arrows, you will need will need:

  • 2 Green Wood
  • 5 Flint
  • 3 Feathers

Green wood is found from bushes or young trees, flint can be found along the coast or bodies of water, and feathers are harvested from turkeys you’ll find roaming throughout Aeternum. To make the higher damage-dealing iron arrows, you’ll simply need to replace the flint with iron ingots, and convert your green wood into timber alongside the required feathers. Arrows are created at a workshop in any settlement.

To Make Better Ammo, Use Better Types Of Metal

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Whether making cartridges or arrows, upgrading to better types of ammunition follows the same rules. For musket ammo, you’ll always need gunpowder and linen, but the type of metal ingots you use will change. Steel ammo will require steel ingots, for example, all the way up to the most powerful ammo type, orichalchum cartridges. Arrows will always need feathers, but the quality of wood and type of metal used will increase. To keep up to date with making the better types of ammo, make sure to regularly level up both your logging and mining skills if you’re an archer (or just mining if you are a musket user), as these will be needed to gather the necessary resources to craft better ammo and keep your weapons dealing as much damage as possible as you progress through the game.

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