New World Crafting Guide: How To Make Better Gathering Tools

New World Crafting Guide: How To Make Better Gathering Tools

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Crafting is a huge part of Amazon’s MMO New World. There are 17 crafting-related skills in total, ranging from logging and mining to weaponsmithing and jewelcrafting. While actually crafting large quantities of items can be done relatively quickly, gathering the necessary resources can be time-consuming. To cut down a tree, you’ll have to hack away at it with your axe. To skin an animal, you’ll have to watch a long skinning animation. The whole process can be made faster and easier simply by having better gathering tools. It might not sound like much, but having better tools makes farming runs for necessary resources far less of a chore. Here’s how to equip yourself with progressively better tools as you work your way through the world of Aeternum.

To Craft Better Tools, Gather Better Metals

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In order to craft better gathering tools, you essentially just need to find better and better types of metal. The recipe for each tool stays the same, minus swapping out the ingot type for a higher-quality resource. For an iron logging axe, for example, you’ll need two coarse leather, three timber, and 12 iron ingots. The leather and timber requirements will stay the same when creating a steel logging axe, but you’ll need steel ingots instead of iron. Better types of tools increase your harvesting speeds significantly. The iron logging axe has a gathering speed of 125%, while upgrading to the steel logging axe boasts a 250% gathering speed increase. Make sure to level up your mining and smelting skill at every opportunity in order to be able to gather rarer metals and turn them into ingots.

Make Sure To Keep Your Engineering Level Up

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To craft higher-level tools, you’ll need to level up your engineering skill. Iron tools have no engineering level requirements, but starting at steel tools you’ll need an engineering level of 50 to craft better tools, and the skill level requirement keeps going up with better types of metal. Take the opportunity to craft lower-level items any chance you get to help keep your skill level up. Note that you don’t need to have a high engineering skill to use the tools, only to craft them yourself.

Put Perks On Your Tools For Extra Results

For even better tools, try adding perks and Azoth when crafting your new set of hardware. Special resources and Azoth can be used while crafting to grant useful bonus perks, like increased durability, extra resources harvested, or faster gathering speeds. For tools you’ll likely be using for a decent amount of time, such as steel, it’s definitely worth investing a few more resources in order to snag some useful bonuses.

Don’t Feel Like Crafting? Get The Tools From Someone Else

While it’s always nice to craft your own tools, it’s not a requirement. If you have a friend with a higher-level engineering skill, they can simply make you a new set of tools. If that’s not an option, like many items in New World, you can also just buy the tools from other players via the game’s trading post (auction house). However, depending on what type of tool you are looking for and when, it could be pricey. Plan your wallet accordingly.

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