Niantic Is Turning To Reddit For Pokemon Go Raid System Feedback


Members of the r/PokemonGo subreddit–the largest Pokemon Go community on Reddit with 3.5 million members–have been asked by Niantic directly to offer their feedback on the game’s raiding system.

Developer Niantic–through its partnership with the Rochester Institute of Technology called the Niantic x RIT Geo Games and Media Research Lab–reached out to the Reddit community asking for volunteers to complete a short survey that asks how players feel about “raiding experiences and how raiding influences Pokemon Go gameplay and lifestyle.”

The current five-star raid Pokemon, Heatran.
The current five-star raid Pokemon, Heatran.

Interviews for the study are conducted remotely via Zoom, with voice audio recorded and no cameras used during the session. A follow-up post confirms the first leg of the study has been filled, but more volunteers will be requested on a later date.

Volunteers for the anonymous interviews would not walk away empty-handed, however, as the post says participants will receive a code for three Super Incubators, eight Incense, and eight Lucky Eggs upon completion of the survey. Those interested in applying for future legs of the study can still apply at this link, while the team has also provided a FAQ for applicants who have additional questions.

If you might be interested in getting in on the survey and may venture out for some raids, check out our guide on the current five-star raid Heatran, now available as part of the Mountains of Power in-game event.

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