Nier Replicant Is Just $30 For Black Friday

Nier Replicant Is Just $30 For Black Friday

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Nier Replicant is a fantastic upgraded version of the original 2010 Nier, with much-improved visuals, better combat, and extra story content that fits more in line with the creators’ original vision. It’s currently available at Amazon for just $30–at least for the Xbox version–and it’s fully compatible with the Xbox Series X, as well.

Taking place before Nier: Automata, which became an unexpected success and retroactively ignited interest in writer-director Yoko Taro’s earlier work, Nier Replicant is a sci-fi action-RPG that takes place on a post-apocalyptic Earth ravaged by a mysterious plague. Already on the verge of complete collapse, civilization is threatened by shadowy creatures who may hold the secret to humanity’s past.

Its story was acclaimed at launch in 2010, but the new version includes much better combat that will feel familiar to those who played Automata. It retains composer Keiichi Okabe’s incredible music.

Nier’s North American release originally included an older protagonist and was known in Japan as Nier Gestalt. With the remaster, it’s the first time a Western audience has been able to play as the younger character, though almost all story elements are retained between the two versions. If you’re a fan of Automata, the game is an absolutely essential addition to your collection.

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