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No More Heroes 3

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SPOILER WARNING: Be careful! No More Heroes 3 is a game filled with surprises, and sometimes boss fights don’t always go as expected. In other words, we recommend not reading the boss strategy until you’ve actually started fighting the boss to avoid spoiling some of the game’s best moments!

Oh, were you expecting something else? Your next fight in No More Heroes 3 isn’t an alien but a mysterious cyborg ninja from the future–and he’s tougher than any of the unearthly menaces you’ve fought so far! For more guides, be sure to check out our No More Heroes 3 beginner’s tips.

How To Defeat Native Dancer

This fight isn’t quite what was planned, but you’re just going to have to adapt on the fly! Fortunately, before combat begins, you’ll be given three additional Death Glove skills, all of which will prove useful in the fight ahead.

Unfortunately, Things Don'T Quite Go The Way You Expect.
Unfortunately, things don’t quite go the way you expect.

Your mysterious opponent is a very speedy fighter whose mastery of the katana is exquisite. He prefers to get in close and attack with lightning-fast strikes that will leave Travis floored if you’re not careful. But, like other close-range battlers, he becomes extremely vulnerable once you dodge his attack and enter into slow-motion mode. Try and time your dodge precisely, and he’ll be wide open to a serious counterattack. During this opening, smack him around enough, and you might be able to get him into a stunned state, which opens him up to a very damaging throw attack.

Your mystery foe, however, won’t make it easy. While he’s specialized in close-range attacks like a katana combo and a pair of charged strikes ending in a Shoryuken-like sword uppercut, he’s also got some ranged options, like a kunai-like projectile that explodes into a lightning bomb. He can also scale the building in the center of the arena to jump-slash at you from a distance. After you get him down to half health, he’ll also be able to create a far-reaching shockwave that radiates out from where he lands, which you’ll have to dodge. He can also activate Night Reaper mode, which creates two clones of himself. The clones have lower health and can be a pain, so try and take them out quickly.

You can make use of your new Death Glove skills here in various ways. If you’re feeling too much pressure from your opponent’s attacks, use Death Force to blow him away and knock him down. Once you’ve got him downed, you can use Death Slow to delay his recovery and get a flurry of extra attacks in or use Death Rain to drizzle damage on him while he’s stuck in place. Death Rain is also a great skill to use when he makes his clones, as it continuously damages all enemies within an area. This battle can be a challenge, but using your skills well and keeping your wits about you will see you prevail in the end!

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