Nothing’s Ear (1) buds could soon come in black

Nothing’s Ear (1) buds could soon come in black

by Lily White
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People are pining for black Nothing earbuds


Nothing Ear 1 In Case

OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei’s new company, Nothing, launched its first product earlier this year: the Nothing Ear (1) earbuds.

The buds sport a very unique look with a mix of white and transparent plastic. However, some people absolutely must dark mode all the things, so it unsurprisingly didn’t take long for people to start asking Nothing launch Ear (1) buds in black. Now, it seems the company might actually do it.

Starting at the beginning, YouTuber Casey Neistat posted a picture of Nothing Ear (1) buds on Twitter that he coloured black with a Sharpie. Nothing shared the tweet, asking if it was something people wanted.

Fast forward several days, and renders of black Nothing Ear (1) buds are making rounds on Reddit, and leaker Evan Blass posted a picture of a black Ear (1) design. The Redditor who posted the renders claims they’re from assets in the Ear (1) Android app.

There’s a reason I never use this word…

— Ev (@evleaks) November 25, 2021

While that doesn’t necessarily mean Nothing will launch black Ear (1) buds, Blass’ involvement suggests the product could actually be on the way. And if the Redditor did get the renders from Nothing’s app, that would further indicate the company plans to launch a new Ear (1) colour.

Finally, Android Police spotted a tweet pointing to a Nothing video uploaded in July that clearly shows part of a black Ear (1) bud on the desk (it’s visible at 0:39 seconds). So, it seems that Nothing at least toyed with a black colour option before launching the Ear (1) in August — if the company’s already done that, it might not take long for it to get a black colour option ready to sell.

Source: Evan Blass (Twitter), Reddit Via: Android Police

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