Ontario Government invest $56 million to help province develop EV tech

Ontario Government invest $56 million to help province develop EV tech

by Lily White
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The Ontario Government is doubling down on its previous $85 million Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network with a new six-step plan and a $56.4 million investment into making the province a leader when it comes to electric vehicles (EVs) and smart transportation.

The six main areas the government will leverage and grow with this investment are as follows:

  • Bridge Ontario’s technology and manufacturing clusters to support the growth of Ontario’s automotive sector.
  • Advance the growth of regional clusters and world-class testing locations to drive the deployment, adoption, and piloting of smart mobility technologies across the province.
  • Deliver ongoing support for SMEs in commercializing technologies, scaling-up, attracting investment, and accessing global markets.
  • Strengthen Ontario’s automotive and mobility workforce and talent pipeline through skills development and training programs.
  • Drive public education, research, analysis, thought leadership activities, and raise awareness of the opportunities for Ontario – and our global competitive advantages.
  • Convene stakeholder groups, act as a bridge for collaborative partnerships, and serve as a concierge for new entrants into Ontario’s thriving ecosystem.

Overall, this investment appears to be a way to help the people of Ontario keep up as the world’s automotive industry transitions electric vehicles. Ontario is already stocked with skilled workers in tech, automotive and mining industries, so it seems logical for the provincial government to invest in bridging the three groups.

Quebec appears to be moving in a similar pattern regarding electric vehicle adoption and it makes sense that Ontario’s plans should align with its neighbouring province.

Source: Government of Ontario 

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