Passing the Certified Information System Audit (CISA) Exam



First and foremost, CISA is an acronym for Certified Information System Auditor. It is an exam for those wishing to become Information Systems Auditors. It is awarded by ISACA-an American based Organisation. It is written twice every year-June and December. ISACA was started in 1968 and since then has spread to over a hundred countries.

In the United States of America it has many chapters and prometric testing sites. Nigeria which is where I am based has about three local chapters-Abuja, Lagos and Port-Harcourt.

The exam is made up of six domains: IS Audit Process, IT Governance, Systems Life Cycle Development, IT Service Delivery and Support, Protection of Information Assets, Business Continuity.

Each of the domain is weighted to a maximum of 700 points.450 is the pass mark which is 75 percent. ISACA recommends that students should attend tutorial classes. It is recommended that you buy the official CISA Manual for the diet and the CD ROM for the Questions and answers. It is recommended that you finish the manual about two to three times before the exam. It is also recommended that you finish the manual about two to three times before the exam. It is recommended that you keep on practicing the questions and answers till you average about 95%.

The exam is set by various contributors who send their questions to a pool. After deliberating on it by the ISACA panel, exam questions will be set. Note should be made that the ISACA does not lift questions from the exam dumps it gives to students. The questions are made up of practical a question that pertains to the industry.

Three weeks before the exam you must have made sure that you have gotten your exam docket either by hard copy or e-mail. At the exam day make sure you arrive about 2 hours before the exam. Bring several sharpened HB pencils with eraser and sharpener. Make sure you maintain an adequate composure throughout the exam. After the exam forget about it, and wait for 8 weeks.



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