Patreon pulls Bowser penis art after Nintendo copyright strike


“So long, mini Bowser!”

Bowser dead

Bowser is currently finding himself a little emasculated.

AkkoArcade, a 3D modeller who creates NSFW art on Patreon, has had their Bowser-related work taken down from the platform due to a copyright strike. According to AkkoArcade, the message from Patreon’s support team said the claim came from none other than Nintendo of America.

However, a Patreon representative later told Polygon that their Bowser art wasn’t specifically targeted and was instead removed as part of a larger Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) strike. Therefore, it appears that Nintendo is cracking down hard on Bowser’s and/or other characters’ “nudes.”

On the flip side, AkkoArcade has made the Bowser art available elsewhere for those who are into that sort of thing.

Overall, it makes sense that a company like Nintendo — which is especially protective of its family-friendly characters — would take action against this. Beyond that, the Japanese gaming giant just seems to have it in for Mario lately, having murdered the Italian plumber on March 31st.

Image credit: Nintendo

Via: Polygon

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