Pioneer Cremation Diamonds Companies Turning the Dead into Beautiful Gems


Cremation diamond companies in the USA funeral industry are able to turn the deceased into beautiful gems because carbon is an atomic element that accounts for 18% in the human body and diamonds are made out of crystallized carbon. Therefore, lab grown cremation diamonds are synthetic diamonds created from the carbon content of the cremated ashes of a deceased.

Which Companies Should You Address to Make Cremation Diamonds from Ashes?

ALGORDANZA: The Company is located in Graubünden, Switzerland. Their cremation diamonds can either be delivered rough and uncut or they can be cut into Asscher, Brilliant, Emerald, Princess, Radiant and Heart. Algordanza only offers blue cremation diamond in sizes of 0.3ct and 10.ct. Their USA prices start atCHF 3’500 ($3,530) for a 0.3ct rough diamond.

LONITÉ: LONITÉ is headquartered in Zürich, the economic capital of Switzerland but has a branch office in Buffalo, New York state in the USA. Their cremation diamonds come in sizes of 0.25ct to 1.0ct and they offer 6 cuts; Brilliant, Princess, Radiant, Asscher, Emerald and Heart in 5 different colors; naturally amber, red, blue, greenish yellow and purely colorless. Their USA price range is $ 1,700 up to $17,000 with a provision to personalize your cremation diamond with custom made cremation jewellery.

Heart in Diamonds: It is a UK-based cremation diamond company with a laboratory in Europe. Their cremation diamonds come in colours of white, blue, orange yellow, deep red and yellow green. The cuts available are; brilliant, radiant and princess and the sizes range from 0.015ct to 2ct. Their USA price range starts from $727 to $16,437 with a Family Plan provision to create cremation diamonds for multiple family members at a reasonable cost.

LIFEGEM: It is a Chicago, USA based company. Their cremation diamonds are available in colourless, blue, red, yellow, and green with sizes ranging from 0.15ct to 2.0ct. The cuts available include round, princess or radiant. Prices range from$1,935 up to$23,244 and the company also has a family plans package.

Cremation Diamonds: The Latest Innovation in the Funeral Industry

Creation of cremation diamonds requires a combined skillset.

The funeral industry in the USA has evolved over the years to incorporate as many technological advancements and inventions in sending off the deceased such as cremation diamonds.

Cremation diamond vendors use specialized HPHT technology in their state of the art laboratories to recreate the conditions necessary as in the growth of a natural diamond. About 8oz of ashes or 0.4oz of hair are required for the creation of a cremation diamond and the carbon content of ashes differs in each case. The ashes are placed in a specialized crucible which is heated to over 5000F so every element oxidizes, except carbon and then temperature is raised further so that carbon becomes graphite. The graphite with a metal catalyst and a diamond seed crystal are placed into the core which goes into a specialized diamond press capable of creating extreme tension thus bringing the pressure to about 800,000 pounds/square inches. During the last stretch when the press is working, the temperature in the room stays about 2500F so that the diamonds from ashes become solid. The process of creating cremation diamonds in a laboratory takes about 6 to 9 months depending on the characteristics selected.

The Rapid Growth of Ashes into Diamonds around the World

Cremation diamonds are a meaningful way to send of a deceased loved one. Diamonds have for a long time been acknowledged as a symbol of love and eternity, the idea of turning a departed loved one into such a beautiful gem has contributed to the growth of the ashes into diamonds industry around the world.

Affordability: Cremation diamonds are a relatively affordable alternative to traditional burial in the USA which is at least $7,000 and $10,000. The rapid growth of ashes into diamonds around the world is credited to the fact that most people in the USA cannot afford to pay such an exorbitant amount of money for a cemetery burial.

Globalization: This has led to integration of so many cultures, economies and most importantly people; which means that so many members of a single family can be spread across various parts of the world with no time or resources to maintain a family burial plot. Ashes into diamonds make it easy to create multiple gems for various members of a family to keep regardless of which part of the world they are in.

Eternal legacy: Cremation diamonds eternalize a deceased into a beautiful gem that can be kept and transferred from generation to another on special family occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and engagements to ensure that the memory of the deceased lives on.

The cremation diamond industry in the USA is filled with specialist companies that help turn the grief of losing a loved one into something beautiful. In an era where funerals are meant to celebrate the life and achievements of a deceased as opposed to mourning them, cremation diamonds do a great job in portraying this.

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