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The UK government are looking to reduce the quantity of plastic in the ocean. And in March 2018 the Environmental Department advised they have discussed having a plastic bottle tax up to 22p where consumers can reclaim tax via plastic bottle deposit drop scheme.
This ensures bottles are recycled, Mary Creagh MP said ‘Around 700,000 plastic bottles are littered in the UK every day’(Parliament UK website, 22nd December 2017, Commons Select Committee) [The UK needs a deposit-return scheme for plastic bottles ]

Latest figures in the UK show 38.5m plastic bottles are used every day. And 480 bottles are used per year in each household, though only 44% of those are recycled.
(recycle now 2018) [‘ What to do with plastic bottles’]

The plastic bottle deposit scheme is already operating in many European countries and in Norway was active in 1972. The scheme has worked very well for Norway with over 90% of plastic bottles recycled.

The UK has seen positive results with the 5p plastic bag charge. Government figures of major Supermarkets between 2016- 2017 show a plastic bag reduction of over 80% as there had been a significant decrease of plastic bags being issued ( “over 6 billion fewer”) Gov.UK, Department For Environment Food And Rural Affairs (2017,21st July)
[Single-use plastic carrier bags charge: data in England for 2016 to 2017]

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This animation is inspired by campaigners, Blue Planet series, and all the creatures that live in our worldwide waters and it’s surroundings.

Sea Pollution Animation:
Director/Concept&Story: Cheryl Irene
Storyboard and Character Concept Artist: PC Austin
Animation: Videokrtoon
Music: Nazar Rybak, A New Life,

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