PlayStation’s Next-Gen VR Details Reportedly Leaked At Sony’s Developer Summit


Sony hosted a developer summit on August 3 where it reportedly unveiled new information regarding its upcoming next-gen PlayStation VR. According to YouTube channel PSVR Without Parole (and with further corroboration from UploadVR) among the announcements made were details about the unit’s controllers, as well as the studio’s game development strategy going forward. While much of the reported information was new, some statements seem to confirm previous rumors about the PSVR 2, making them seem increasingly more likely to be true.

According to reports, the upcoming VR unit’s headset will feature the previously reported HDR OLED screen technology. This will allow players to view 2000 x 2040 pixels per eye for a total 4K resolution, as well provide a 110 degree field of view–a noticeable upgrade from the current PSVR’s 100. In addition, the new headset might also utilize flexible scaling resolution, which limits the device to only render what you’re actually looking at. Through this technique, Sony would greatly reduce the amount of strain placed on the PlayStation 5, and greatly improve the system’s overall performance.

Moving to the PSVR 2’s controllers, it was reported the ones currently in development will be equipped with sensors that not only detect when a player is touching a controller, but their exact finger location as well. According to the rumors, the new controllers will also be able to tell how far away a person’s fingers are from the controller at any given time, which seems fairly similar to technology seen in Google’s latest phones.

Lastly, Sony reportedly told developers it’s “looking to pursue a hybrid model for future AAA releases on PlayStation” when it comes to PSVR incorporation. What this seemingly means is that PlayStation is looking to have more games with optional VR support, similar to both No Man’s Sky and Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. However, as of now there’s still been no word on if previous PSVR games will be compatible with the new system.

As of right now, we still have no information on what the PSVR 2’s official name is or when it’s set to release. However, recent reports indicate it will likely be late 2022.

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