Preorder Resident Evil Village And Get A Free Stadia Premiere Edition

Preorder Resident Evil Village And Get A Free Stadia Premiere Edition

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Resident Evil Village is coming to Google Stadia, and Google is throwing in the Stadia itself for free. This may mark the first time that a system is the preorder bonus for a game.

Capcom and Google announced that the game will come to Stadia on May 7, and purchasing the game through Stadia anytime by May 21 will also get you a Stadia Premiere Edition. That means you get the game, a Stadia controller, and the Chromecast Ultra for the price of Resident Evil Village by itself. A Stadia Premiere Edition is regularly priced at $100, currently discounted to $60.

In addition, Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition will be coming to Stadia on April 1, and Stadia Pro members will get it for free. The gold edition includes extra content like the Banned Footage and epilogue episodes.

The horror game is said to be heavily inspired by the fan-favorite Resident Evil 4–though it’s also gotten the very meme-able Lady Dimitrescu for good measure. Capcom recently released PC system specs for the upcoming game and warned eager players not to fall for an apparent phishing scam.

Resident Evil Village is also coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X on May 7. For more info on its special editions and other preorder bonuses, check out our Resident Evil Village preorder guide.

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