Puzzle And Dragons Nintendo Switch Edition Announced For Franchise’s 10th Anniversary

Puzzle And Dragons Nintendo Switch Edition Announced For Franchise’s 10th Anniversary

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GungHo Online Entertainment has announced that its massive mobile hit Puzzle and Dragons will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch as part of the franchise’s 10th anniversary celebration.

Puzzle and Dragons Nintendo Switch Edition is scheduled to launch on February 19 for the unique price of $4.37, with preorders available now. The new version has been built specifically for Nintendo Switch, easily transitioning between TV, tabletop, and handheld modes.

The Rpg/Puzzle Hybrid Has Been Rebuilt Specifically For The Nintendo Switch.
The RPG/puzzle hybrid has been rebuilt specifically for the Nintendo Switch.

The game will include a selection of single- and multiplayer modes, including:

  • Quest Mode
    • A single-player adventure through 16 dungeons spanning 75 floors. This can be played alone or with up to three others locally.
  • PvP Mode
    • World Match: Players can challenge up to seven random opponents around the world
    • Friend Match: Custom lobbies allow groups of up to eight players to join together.
    • Computer Match: Play against an AI character in an offline match.
  • Custom Mode
    • Players can create, play, and share unique dungeon designs.

Puzzle and Dragons first launched on mobile devices in February 2012, and it has since become one of the most successful mobile games of all time. This is not the first time a game from this series has appeared on a Nintendo console, with Puzzle and Dragons Z + Super Mario Bros. Edition launching on the Nintendo 3DS in 2015.

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