Questions Surface About Affiliate Classroom 2.0 Certifications



When the dust settles after a product launch, many super affiliates have banked some large figures while the rest of the affiliates are wondering what happened. Many training courses try to help these other marketers, but it always seems like the marketers with the big lists are the ones who succeed at making the most money. Sometimes, A good number of affiliates dream of achieving those results just to notice that a lot of effort is expected! For that reason it is easy to discredit most affiliate training websites. Anik Singal’s announcement that 2 years after the original release of Affiliate Classroom he was releasing AC 2.0 brought with it a lot of raised eyebrows.

2 years ago, gurus sent prospective affiliate managers to Affiliate Classroom for certification before allowing them to interact with their affiliates. Affiliates and newbies alike studied the curriculum so they could know how to become great affiliate managers. Gurus used the Affiliate Classroom course as a way to eliminate a good number of applicants from consideration. Those who did not take the class, were not interviewed!

In 2009, Anik made Affiliate Classroom even better, so powerful that affiliate managers are asking him to certify those who graduate at higher levels so that they can use this criteria to negotiate lower commissions for lower level affiliates. Should the affiliate managers succeed at obtaining Affiliate Classroom certifications for affiliates, it would almost force affiliates into the training program to have a chance to earn money selling other people’s products.

Affiliate managers complain that newbies attempt to join joint venture promotions, ignorant about how to find targeted traffic, totally lacking a list to sell to and without doubt not likely to to invest in a PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing campaign. The affiliate managers find that they are often afraid to exclude them, without actually giving them access to the product like the do with super affiliates.

So the announcement that affiliate certifications are coming is making some of the affiliate managers breathe a lot easier. They can set up a real qualifier for their affiliate programs, keeping the newcomers out until they get the right training and some experience.

Certification proponents are saying that the best part is that testing does not take into account experience, since some affiliates are able to remember material long enough to pass tests, while failing to take action on that material. Affiliate Classroom requires that students preform real world tasks where action is rewarded, as part of their certification score.

The affiliate networks and affiliate managers are banking that Affiliate Classroom 2.0 will make their jobs easier. Difficult to sell products will be only handled by those affiliates who have demonstrated the motivation to train themselves and show experience with similar products from the modules in Affiliate Classroom. With the agenda created by real world affiliates in Anik Singal’s team, it will be much easier for affiliate managers to discern the top level affiliates from those who are not motivated.



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