Real Canadian Superstore giving some people a second chance at PS5 pre-order


If you received an email from the retailer saying your pre-order was cancelled, you might want to check your inbox for a new message

Oct 30, 2020

11:19 AM EDT


The Real Canadian Superstore is giving customers who had been previously notified that their PlayStation 5 pre-orders had been cancelled that they have a second chance at ordering one.

On October 17th, the retailer began taking online pre-orders, but shortly after they went live, several customers noted they were being emailed to say their orders were cancelled due to overselling.

Now, some of these customers are getting emails from Real Canadian Superstore customer service to give them another opportunity to pre-order Sony’s next-gen gaming console.

On the VideoGameDealsCanada subreddit, several Real Canadian Superstore customers have shared that they’ve received the following email:

“Great news! We are able to offer you the opportunity to pre-order a PS5 after all. As you know, pre-orders for the PS5 sold out fast — and we’re sorry. We were overwhelmed by the response. But as one of our first customers to attempt a pre-order after we sold out, we wanted to provide you with an opportunity to pre-order a PS5 console from an additional, limited quantity of PS5 consoles we now have available.”

The email notes that customers should respond to the email within 48 hours to confirm they would still like to pre-order the console.

Further, Real Canadian Superstore notes that replying to the email is giving the company permission to charge the credit card that is on file with your PCid account (which was required to place the pre-order in the first place). The standard console costs $629.99 and the disc-less Digital Edition is priced at $499, so expect your credit card to be charged in that ballpark. However, the email states that the console will be shipped “on the PS5 launch date” (November 12th) so expect to get it shortly after that.

For more on the PS5, check out our breakdown of what Canadians should know about the console. We’ll have more on the PS5 in the coming days.

Image credit: PlayStation

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