Red Dead Online Weekly Update Brings Bonuses For Crafters And Hunters


This week’s Red Dead Redemption 2 updates focuses on the amateur cooks and chemists of Red Dead Online. Hunters and crafters can take advantage of these experimental improvisers with a number of bonuses and discounts available throughout the week.

Those who craft any item at a campfire will receive three collectables to trade with Madam Nazar. Crafting anything at Gus’ Store will also earn you a reward for a free hat below rank 15 and 50% off any pair of boots. Meanwhile, purchasing any pamphlet will reward you with a treasure map.

On top of this, all clothing items crafted in Gus’ Store can be acquired at a 40% discount, while hunters can nab 30% off the cost of Gus’ Trinkets and improved bow variants. Those who play Red Dead Online between now and February 1 will also be rewarded with 5x gun oil and 50 small game arrows to help with any hunting endeavours.

The Wheeler, Rawson & Co. catalogue has a number of discounts and sales this week, too. There’s 50% off fishing lures and both predator and herbivore baits; 40% off bow, improved bow, and tonic crafting pamphlets; and 30% off weapon crafting pamphlets and the fishing rod.

As always, players who connect their Rockstar Games Social Club Account to Prime Gaming will also receive a variety of rewards. A free bounty hunter licence and an award for the trimmed amethyst bounty wagon livery are both currently available. In addition, players who connect to Prime Gaming before February 15 will receive offers for 50% off the LeMat revolver and a poncho of their choice, an offer for a free off-hand holster, plus 100 rounds of high velocity and explosive revolver cartridges.


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