Reddit adds comment search while updating search design and relevance

Reddit adds comment search while updating search design and relevance

by Lily White
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After 16 years, Reddit is adding comment search functionality.


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Reddit is adding comment search functionality. Users are able to finally gain results from searching comments in a Reddit thread.

It’s all too common that Reddit threads receive hundreds, sometimes thousands of replies. As a user, it’s been difficult to retrieve search results within a thread. Reddit is finally making it easy to find specific terms, phrases, or names to find the results they desire.

In a blog post, the company discusses the latest improvements made to search functionality and design. The largest update is the introduction of the comment search ability. The post goes on to state that introducing this feature “solves this problem and quickly gives Redditors the ability to comment search directly and further refine their searches.”

To use the feature, users merely navigate over to the ‘Comments’ tabs on the page. The user is able to type a phrase, name, or term into the search bar. Any relevant results appear on the screen afterwards.

In 2021, Reddit surveyed users on search features they’d like to see. Comment search was amongst the highly requested features. Prior to a wider launch, Reddit tested the feature and saw 26,000 users take advantage of its functionality.

In addition to comment searches, Reddit is updating the design of its search results page on desktop and mobile. The update brings a simpler design. Reddit prioritizes posts over other content types and is easier to find when searching. The company states in Q1 2022, it’s seen a 20 percent increase in users utilizing search functionality.

Search relevance is also another key focus of Reddit. The core infrastructure sees a refresh. As a result, Reddit allows for less restrictive matching. The company is using user patterns to improve search results. Finally, Reddit is using “signs” to improve results through clicks and interactions.

Desktop support for comment searching is available today. This feature and the other updates are currently available by navigating to the home feed.

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