Return to Vice City – A Game That Inspired A Generation


Everybody knows how immensely popular Grand Theft Auto V is online and story-wise. This is a game that came out in 2013, yet continues to top charts on Twitch with streaming of its non-sense flyable bikes reigning fire down upon other players. Fans continue to make up online rivalries of green and purple alien gang warfare, not ending there. Others prefer to make their money in online GTA business, robbing banks or being their own CEO. Rockstar even continued to support Grand Theft Auto multiplayer over the critically acclaimed Red Dead Redemption 2 which is receiving no more large updates. Where does Grand Theft Auto go from here?

Vice City is remembered for Hawaiian shirts and silly characters, along with its main protagonist who goes by the name of Tommy Vercetti. While the game has not aged as well as iterations that came out after, the iconic location is still home to fans who grew up with it. Nothing beats seeing the sunrise or sunset while listening to Hall & Oates’s “Out of Touch”. You have five stars with cops chasing you down the street past beautifully pixelated water and swaying palm trees. The pinnacle of money, eighties Miami only makes sense to be the next pick for our new protagonists, as they try to make their way into an elite society of high-class criminals.

To start, I think our return to the beloved Vice City is imminent. The previous games all being set in the modern day and in Liberty City or Los Santos, Vice City is the next option for the future. We have also had the leak of early gameplay which confirmed that the location will be in our favorite city. This included a girl, who is the first woman protagonist, going against cops on the street with an assault rifle. Although not as neon and vibrant in the leak as it used to be, the palm trees and “Vice City” painted trains are a fantastic depiction of what fans are in for. The ’80s are a vivid time for money laundering, gang warfare, and odd occurrences, all of which Grand Theft Auto is known for. Let us not forget that the soundtrack songs of Vice City are all bangers to bob your head to, on the way to your favorite nightclub to do business in. This setting will surely be the spot for another gangster story, akin to our old friend Tommy Vercetti.

My friend who got all of the friend group back into GTA Online invited us to show what he accomplished in the time we had all been gone. He brought us to a gigantic bunker that he purchased with his hard work and hours put into the game. I played one bank robbery mission, only to realize how little money I received to put towards something of that magnitude. The grind was real and his time spent was even more real. The next Grand Theft Auto will most certainly bring a level of gameplay to the money system that will be revolutionary in the sense of multiplayer gameplay. I can only imagine what Rockstar has in mind to blow players out of the water with their release, making quick work of thoughts and wishes that fans have in their minds for the multiplayer experience. Things to expect maybe along the lines of purchasing multiple properties and renting them out to owning nightclubs around the city to become a Vice City success. One thing is guaranteed, any money system will be massively improved upon with new consoles allowing the system to shine.

The colorful neon palette of Vice City.

                Originally, Vice City took a lot from gangster movies like Scarface, making your rise to infamy one that felt earned. Coming up as a glorified soldier for those with higher power, we made our way to the top of owning a mansion and taking care of those who were in our way. In my opinion, this will be the new system of GTA 6, producing a lively city with those who grind in power. Shark cards are a supply of cash that players can use to buy properties, vehicles, and a variety of other ownership items. I see shark cards making a return due to the amount of money that Rockstar currently generates from them. The thing is I see a return in a new format with a currency that aligns more with an eighties Miami vibe. I see players having a larger variety of options for making that money. Robbing banks, money laundering, robbing other players, drug deals, and turf wars are options I can see being implemented into online and story gameplay. Of course, the technicalities of what can be done will still be limited to a certain extent, yet Rockstar is destined to make our return to Vice City one that will be played for longer than the previous GTA V.

The story mode must be one that impresses players, keeping the spirit of the eighties alive. While most story modes in GTA have been received well by critics, can Rockstar Studios pull off a modern-day recreation of a vastly cinematic time? I think so. Having games like Bully, GTA Vice City, and Red Dead Redemption in their resume, Rockstar has perfected the implementation of feeling into their open-world games. Vice City may be the liveliest city in its arsenal as music, clubs, and a host of other events occur in the palm-tree-surrounded landscape.

A bar fight occurring in Red Dead Redemption 2.

                The gameplay surrounding our familiar home may be different during the time we return. While the leaked gameplay seemed to simply improve on the style of shooting that GTA V contained, Rockstar claimed that the footage was several years old. While I do not condone the leak of the gameplay, it certainly helped players get a feel of what we are in for. In my belief, the fighting system from the critically acclaimed Red Dead Redemption 2 will be implemented into the new GTA game. Bar fights in RDR 2 were some of the most memorable moments in gaming history, giving players the feel of causing chaos and havoc amongst bar patrons. Not to mention that gang warfare in GTA Online has been prominent, giving players a chance at fighting each other with fists and melee weapons in a largely interactive way. If players are itching to get accounts in Grand Theft Auto online, check out our Eldorado website.

Regardless of what GTA 6 improves on, one statement is for sure, and that’s that the game will be one for a new generation. Players who enjoy their time in Los Santos will find the transition to Vice City an enjoyable one, with greater activities to partake in. They may be starting from the ground up, but so will everybody else. Once Rockstar releases the game, which may not be for a few more years according to them, players will see the hard work that the company has put into their gaming experience. Hopefully, another masterpiece from Rockstar Studios is set to make its appearance in our new generation, creating a line of another ten years of gameplay.


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