Rocket League Gridiron Challenges: How To Earn Rare NFL Wheels

Rocket League Gridiron Challenges: How To Earn Rare NFL Wheels

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Rocket League Gridiron mode is back for another Super Bowl week, and if you strap on a helmet and take to the field, you can earn a pair of limited-time NFL-themed cosmetics, including rare NFL wheels for your Battle-Car. Here’s all you need to know about the Gridiron challenges available now during the Rocket League Super Bowl 56 event.

Rocket League Gridiron rules

Gridiron mode is developer Psyonix’s way of incorporating American football into the array of game modes in Rocket League, joining Hoops (basketball) and the game’s traditional “Soccar” mode that quickly lifted it into the upper echelon of esports games back in 2015. In Gridiron, games are played in 4v4 and the standard Rocket League ball has been replaced with an American football–and all of its unpredictable bounce patterns.

Touching the ball attaches it to the roof of your car, giving you possession, and you can pass the ball or hand it off to teammates by performing a dodge. If a goal is scored while the ball is attached to a player’s roof, it counts as a touchdown (and extra point) for seven points. If a loose ball is scored, it counts as a field goal for three points. There’s also a sideline boundary that players can’t cross, unlike other Rocket League modes which exist in a bubble within out-of-bounds markers.

Pictured: Some Of The Nfl'S Most Storied Franchises, And Also The Rams.
Pictured: some of the NFL’s most storied franchises, and also the Rams.

Rocket League Gridiron challenges

There are three Gridiron challenges available in-game from now until 6 PM PT / 9 PM ET on Tuesday, February 15. One of them is repeatable as many times as you wish until the end of the event, while the others are finite and will give you exclusive Super Bowl cosmetics. This year’s rewards include a new player title as well as some cool wheels.

  • Score a touchdown or field goal in five matches – Field General player title
  • Score a touchdown or field goal and demo (blow up) a player in the same match – NFL wheels
  • Win 10 online matches (repeatable during event) – 20,000 XP

Remember that these items won’t be available after February 15, so act fast if they’re important to you. Meanwhile, they’d go well with the abundant items from the NFL Fan Pass, which debuted in September of last year and has been receiving updates all season no matter when players bought into the pass.

As of today, the pass features helmet toppers, flags, and decals for all 32 NFL teams–though the Washington Commanders set will need a refresh, as it still says Football Team. The decals can be applied to both Octane and Dominus and follow a similar animated style no matter which team you select. The NFL Pass is sold for 1,000 Credits, equivalent to $10, and adds only cosmetics. You need not buy it to complete the Gridiron challenges.

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