Samsung to launch Pokémon-themed Galaxy Flip 3 in South Korea


Samsung is partnering with Nintendo for a new Pokémon Edition Galaxy Flip 3 that looks incredibly cool. Unfortunately, this variant will only be available in South Korea after it releases on April 25th

The device is available in a very appropriately named ‘Ash Red’ shade.

The device comes in Pokéball-themed package and includes a clear Pikachu phone case with a ring stand and a Pokédex pouch to store the phone. Further, there’s a Pikachu tail keychain, Pokéball Pop Socket and other Pokémon-themed options to swap things in and out. It’ll also come with several Pokémon-edition ringtones, themes and wallpapers.

We only know of the South Korean launch currently, but Pokémon-themed Galaxy Flip 3 could release in more regions in the coming months.

Samsung has previously launched a Thom Browne Edition Galaxy Flip 3 and the Bespoke Edition Galaxy Flip 3.

Image credit: Samsung


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