Samsung’s S22 series might be throttling apps and customers are upset

Samsung’s S22 series might be throttling apps and customers are upset

by Lily White
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Samsung might be throttling app performance with its Galaxy S22 series, according to sources that spoke to The Korea Herald.

Industry sources reportedly say that South Korea’s Fair Trade Commission received a complaint that Samsung violated advertisement law when promoting its Galaxy S22 brand and now the Commission will likely launch a preliminary investigation into Samsung.

The complaint looks into Samsung’s S22 advertising, including the phrase how the phrase “best performance ever” is used by the company. The complaint also takes a closer look at the S22 series’ claims that it offers a 120Hz refresh rate for gamers. When an S22 device launches a game, optimization software is opened alongside that app. This app causes the S22 to lock at 60Hz when gaming, and is a limitation I noted when playing League of Legends: Wild Rift while reviewing the S22 Ultra.

This optimization software, ‘Gaming Optimizing Service (GOS),’ automatically launches when users play games with the Galaxy S22. The software adjusts performance to make the S22 series’ batteries last longer and prevents overheating, according to Samsung.

Another complaint says that GOS turns on when other heavy-resource apps that aren’t games are in use. According to The Korea Herald, GOS causes the S22 series to drop down to about 54 percent of its promised performance.

The South Korean smartphone maker is reportedly planning to offer a “performance mode” to S22 users, but denies that GOS is activated for anything other than gaming.

Source: The Korea Herald

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