Saskatoon woman’s iPhone survives 30-days at the bottom of frozen lake

Saskatoon woman’s iPhone survives 30-days at the bottom of frozen lake

by Lily White
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Back up your smartphone because you’ll likely never be this lucky


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A woman from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan dropped her iPhone down an ice fishing hole this winter and was able to retrieve it 30-days later — and shockingly, the smartphone still works.

While I have a lot of faith in Apple’s waterproofing methods, I’m not sure how many people would be this lucky. Most devices released in the last few years — and most waterproof electronics for that matter — are rated to survive a few meters of water for 30-minutes to an hour.

As we’ve seen in the past, some devices can last longer than this, but it becomes more of a gamble as the water pressure gets stronger at deeper depths. Further, the more time a device spends underwater decreases the chance that the phone’s waterproof seals will last.

If the device can hold out water long enough for its battery to die, it might also survive if there’s no power running through it to short circuit the device. That said, the Saskatoon woman is lucky that the phone didn’t short when she tried to turn it on the next morning after retrieving it from the lake.

As always, it’s important to remember to back up your phone and learn how to access important information like your email, calendar and photos through the web.

Source: CTV News

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