SaskTel brings 5G to Saskatchewan

SaskTel brings 5G to Saskatchewan

by Lily White
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SaskTel has begun to deploy its 5G wireless network in Saskatchewan.

The company, a crown corporation of the Saskatchewan government, said the launch is based in parts Regina. The network will be further expanded in the rest of the city and Saskatoon in Spring 2022.

The network will deliver faster internet speeds and have a larger network capacity. Connection will be “instantaneous.”

In order to use this new service, customers have to be within the 5G coverage area, have a device capable of using the service, and sign up for a plan that is compatible with 5G.

“We are thrilled to bring the next generation of wireless technology to our customers. Not only does it further enhance their ability to connect to the world around them, it also sets the stage for technological innovations that will improve the quality of life in our wonderful province,” Doug Burnett, SaskTel’s president and CEO, said in a statement.

The network is powered by Samsung. The company says 5G will help the development of technology use in agriculture, smart cities, healthcare, and many other industries. It likens this expansion to the impact 4G had on the app economy.

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Source: SaskTel

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