Savannah Guthrie Shared a Recovery Photo After ‘One Last’ Eye Surgery

Savannah Guthrie Shared a Recovery Photo After ‘One Last’ Eye Surgery

by Sue Jones
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Savannah Guthrie underwent eye surgery, the latest in a series of operations starting in 2019. The Today co-anchor shared the news on Instagram, where she posted a post-op selfie with a clear, protective covering taped over her left eye. 

“One last teeny tiny eye surgery and I’m back in business!!!” Guthrie captioned the shot. She also thanked her surgeon. Guthrie didn’t share details on the nature of the operation. But it appears to have been a relatively minor, final follow-up procedure after multiple eye surgeries to help restore vision loss after a serious injury she sustained in November 2019, Today explains. 

At that time, Guthrie’s son Charley (then two years old) accidentally hit her in the eye with the pointy end of a toy train while he was sitting in her lap, Today reported. The incident caused a torn retina and vision loss. Guthrie underwent a number of laser procedures, and then surgery to repair retinal detachment in December 2019, according to Today.

In July 2020, Guthrie had surgery to remove a cataract, which was a complication resulting from her retinal detachment surgery, she told Ellen DeGeneres. Guthrie said on Instagram at the time that she had a “major improvement” in her vision following that operation. 

Retinal detachment is a medical emergency that occurs when the retina (a layer of tissue at the back of the eye) is pulled away from its usual position, the National Eye Institute (NEI) explains. It most commonly occurs due to aging or an eye injury, and symptoms may include a variety of vision issues, such as floaters. 

Treatment options for retinal detachment can include laser surgery or freezing treatment to seal small retinal tears or breaks, as well as surgery to fix larger retinal detachments. Eye surgery can sometimes result in cataracts, a clouding of the usually clear lens of your eye that can cause blurry vision, according to the Mayo Clinic. Cataract surgery typically involves removing the lens and replacing it with an artificial one, the Mayo Clinic says. The procedure successfully restores vision for most people. But sometimes it may result in complications of its own, including a type of secondary cataract that is fixed with a simple outpatient procedure. 


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