Simple Solutions For Runtime Error 339

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Runtime errors are actually quite common within the Windows computer environment and there are more than a few hundred known ones that have been affecting PC users all over the world. Runtime error 339 is just one of the many hiccups that Windows may experience while running its system and it is actually quite a natural progression of owning a computer that runs on any one of the many incarnations of the Windows operating system. What is runtime error 339? It usually occurs when there is a missing .ocx file when an end user is trying to install a program or an application.

The error does not really show up when you are installing the software, but rather when you are trying to manoeuvre around the program and use its functions. Like any runtime error, it typically occurs when a link in the chain of processes that leads to a program launch is either interrupted or missing or even corrupted. In the value chain of launching a program, there are several system files and data files that are needed to ensure the integrity of the program launch. Using the analogy of a rocket launch, all parties must work together, from the control tower, to the fueling trucks, to the co-ordinators and even the astronauts to ensure that launch goes up without a hitch.

This is the 'runtime', the processes that happen from one stage to the nest, a countdown to a launch that is dependent on the process and every member within that process performing their very own functions to the T. Imagine if you will if the fuel truck does not show up, or if one of its tires blows out, or if one of the many computer screens in the control tower fails to start. These are just some of the many dynamic failures that can happen within the process or the 'runtime' and when that happens, an error occurs and the rocket or the program can not launch. And because the computer is so much more complex and so much more intricate, there are hundreds of combinations of missing files and corrupt data that can lead to a bad process chain. But just as there are plenty of possible causes, there are many ways that you can solve these runtime errors and this can apply to runtime error 339.

First, look at the program that you are trying to install and try to check for the integrities of the various files needed. Check if the program needs specific system and control files (Java, Active X etc), which can be a root cause to why it refuses to launch. Also, check the registry as well, because bad program installs, null values ​​and orphan keys are one of them major causes of runtime errors. You can sort this problem out by downloading a free and reliable registry cleaner, which can ensure the integrity of the programs and command lines which Windows uses as reference in order for a smooth system launch. These simple solutions can be applied to runtime error 339 or any of the possible errors Windows can come up with.


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