Snag The Serafim R1+ Racing Wheel For $85 And Leave Rivals In The Dust


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When you’re chasing the thrill of speeding down winding mountain roads or drifting around a track in your favorite racing game, you can’t go wrong by adding the realism of a steering wheel. Not only does it provide an element of realistic control; it can also give you an edge in multiplayer.

While racing wheels have largely been designed for console racing games, now mobile and handheld gamers have an option to even the field. The Serafim R1+ Racing Wheel is the perfect match for all your racing games
, and right now it’s only $85 when you enter code ANNUAL15.

The Serafim R1+ is a marvel of gaming technology; it has everything you need to leave your rivals in your dust. Featuring an ergonomic rubber steering wheel, a responsive pedal system, and the innovative Serafim phone holder, this wheel will have you taking the tightest turns and putting the pedal to the metal in no time. Best of all, it’s completely wireless, so you can take your need for speed anywhere you want to go.

With the Serafim phone app, your steering set can connect to any Bluetooth-enabled gaming system that lets you play console, PC, and mobile racing games on the same controller. With all this flexibility in one package, it’s no wonder that this steering wheel has earned four out of five stars on Amazon.

No matter how aggressive of a driver you are or how tough those expert-level races are, the Serafim R1+ Racing Wheel will be your secret weapon to first place. It may not matter whether you win by an inch or a mile, but it certainly does count for bragging rights, so get your Serafim R1+ today for only $85
with the code ANNUAL15.

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