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Making Business Easier

There are many tools businesses can use today to make their business run smoother. Most of these tools are free, but there are a few that require a subscription to the services. For example, Google has always offered free services which others have sued to make their business better. I’ll mention a few here. This is only an introduction to the tools that are available through Google Tools.

Google Small Business

Google Small Business has a free version and a paid version. In this article, we are referring to the free version of Google Small Business. Google Small Business allows a small business to have its dedicated web page on the site with a dedicated phone number (through Google phone), and a location finder of the company. This is the kind of thing that Google Small Business could do for your business.

If you are starting a trucking business and you were applying for your MC number to get trucking authority, you could have TBS get it for you and save you a lot of trouble. There are no gimmicks, no annual membership fee, no processing or application fee.

They will eliminate the confusion, expedite the process, and their experts will do it right the first time. And since you are starting up your trucking company, you would also want a website to showcase your business. Since you have a dedicated business page, you can list your hours of business, contact information, products, and reviews.  

Take the time to open a Google Small Business account. By the time you get clearance form FMCSA, your Google Small Business account will have been cleared by Google. You will have to contact Google and sign up for the service. Also, Google gives everyone who signs up $100 of free AdWords advertising dollars.

Google Gmail

Google Gmail is an online free email client that allows an individual or company to use to make all kinds of contacts to their clients, business partners, providers, etc. It is an excellent free service. The only disadvantage to this service is having attached to every email you will send; in other words, it is not proprietary to your domain.

Creative Commons

Let’s talk about Creative Commons. Creative Commons is a wonderful website that has become more and more popular as the internet has grown. These are people who have written up legal documents that allow creators of content to release them to the public for creative use. Many people love to create artwork, take photographs, create videos, or make music and give them to others for free. Creative Commons has made a home for all this creative content to share with the public. 


YouTube is a video website where any individual can create their channel to upload their homemade videos or any other content. You will need to get clearance to use someone else’s content if it is not your own before posting it on YouTube. YouTube makes business marketing very easy by exposing content to users. There are ways to create revenue streams on YouTube, and you can find that information on their help website.

Google Drive

Google Drive is an excellent source for keeping stored data. Google gives ten free gigabytes of storage space to start. This service can make a business run smoother, especially if a business needs to store documents often. 

Google AdWords

Through Google AdWords, you can advertise your business at a little cost. For a small marketing fee, as little as $10 a month, you can have ads running that will advertise your business. You can also use Google web tools and set up your website for free. Unfortunately, not enough businesses take advantage of these free websites and, later, after heavy spending, have to file for bankruptcy. Use the free tools first and when you are making lots of money, there is no shame in upgrading, but safeguard your business.

They have many templates available for free. It will not be a professionally developed website, but you can list all your products or service for free. Check out Google web pages. This is not an advertisement for Google, but it is a reference to one company that offers several tools for free. You have to know that Google started their company to make the world’s knowledge available to all people, and they have offered these free versions of their software since the beginning.

By Jamie Roberts

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