Sony PS5 Unboxing – Sony’s PlayStation 5 console package opened

This is T3’s official PS5 unboxing video. Here at T3 Towers, we’ve been covering the PlayStation 5 for years and, finally, Sony’s next-gen console is here. This is the big one, everyone; the system that millions of gamers the world over have been desperate to get their hands on with a PS5 pre-order.

Indeed, here at T3 we couldn’t be more stoked to get up-close and personal with the PlayStation 5 in our PS5 unboxing video, which has been designed to quickly and clearly show you what you get in the flagship new console’s package. This is the package you’ll get to play awesome PS5 games.

The PS5 comes in a large (and tall) white and blue cardboard box. On the front of the box is a picture of the PlayStation 5 console and its DualSense controller. Flip the box around and you get the console in its horizontal orientation along with the controller again, along with the words “Play Like Never Before” written above them.

Open the PlayStation 5 box and you are presented with a inner white cardboard box that you are instructed to open lying on its side. This is to ensure the console and contents are safely extracted. Open this box and you are greeted with the console itself, which is secured in cardboard holders, as well as a smaller accessory box.

The full contents of the PS5 box include the PS5 itself as well as its DualSense controller, the console’s stand – which can be attached in a vertical or horizontal orientation – an HDMI lead, power lead, and USB to USB Type-C controller cable. You also get the console’s documentation booklet.

Regarding the PS5’s available ports and connectivity options, there’s an Ethernet network port for hardwired internet connections, two USB ports, an HDMI port, and power port on the rear. At the front of the console is another USB port as well as a USB Type-C port.

Fancy getting your hands on an PS5? Then be sure to check out the charts below for today’s best prices.

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