Sony’s next VR headset is officially called the PSVR 2

Sony’s next VR headset is officially called the PSVR 2

by Lily White
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During its CES 2022 keynote, Sony finally shared more details regarding its next virtual reality headset, confirming that it’s called the PSVR 2 (PlayStation VR 2).

Though the tech giant didn’t show off what the next-gen headset will look like, it did reveal a lot of new information about the device, including the name of its gamepads, the ‘Sense Controllers.’ The PSVR 2’s new gamepads will feature the same haptic trigger feedback functionality as the PlayStation 5’s DualSense gamepad.

Sony also detailed that the headset features an OLED display with a 2000 x 2040 pixel resolution per eye, a 90Hz to 120Hz refresh rate and a field-of-view of roughly 110 degrees. Other features include four cameras built into the headset and an eye-tracking IR camera.

“Your movements and the direction you look at are reflected in-game without the need for an external camera,” said Sony in a recent blog post.

Along with outlining several facts about the PSVR 2, Sony also confirmed that Guerilla Games and Freesprite Games are working on a title for the headset called Horizon Call of the Mountain. No additional information was revealed about the upcoming title.

It’s unclear when Sony plans to release the PSVR 2 but rumours point to it releasing at some point in 2022.

You can check out more news from CES 2022 here.

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