Star Trek vs. Star Wars: Patrick Stewart and Mark Hamill clash in ad


Make it so, Luke. The Star Wars and Star Trek universes clash in a new ad for Uber Eats that stars Patrick Stewart — who plays Captain Jean-Luc Picard of Trek fame — and Mark Hamill, aka Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars world. Both stars dropped a teaser from the commercial on Sunday, and Stewart shared the full ad on Monday.

In it, the two approach each other in a creepy, water-splashed warehouse, and Hamill announces his plans for a veggie cheeseburger on ciabatta, with no “to-MAY-toes,” pronounced the American way. Stewart declares his dinner will be four-cheese tortellini with extra “to-MAH-toes,” giving the word the British pronunciation. It looks like the two are going to come to blows, with a baseball bat and what appears to be a cricket bat standing in for lightsabers and phasers, and suddenly they find themselves in a weird argument about Hamill’s “daddy,” which we’re assuming means Darth Vader. Meanwhile, Uber Eats delivers their dinners and all’s apparently well.

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The Star Trek-Star Wars worlds aren’t the only different universes that face off when Stewart meets Hamill, as fans were quick to point out this is a Marvel-DC clash too, with Stewart playing Professor X, leader of Marvel’s X-Men, and Hamill voicing DC villain The Joker in numerous shows, films and video games.

“Not sure if loyal to Professor X or scared of Joker to be honest,” wrote one Twitter user.

Fans weren’t sure they wanted to pick sides between the two sci-fi greats.

“I’ve given you both likes on this,” one Twitter user wrote. “I’m being fair, but to be honest I like you best. Don’t tell the other guy.”

I’ve given you both likes on this. I’m being fair, but to be honest I like you best. Don’t tell the other guy.

— Joseph Ducote (@josephducote) September 20, 2020

Two wonderful Human Beings I so much admire, plus great actors!!!!

— Mara Lucia (@marabrazil2) September 20, 2020

these two iconic individuals together is what we all need right now and all the time !!!

— Tornheln (@tornheln) September 21, 2020

Can you guys fight to the death so we can finally have the answer to which franchise is better?

— Jenson (@Dirtyb0ngw4t3r) September 21, 2020

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