Surviving Mars Gets New Expansion This Year, Free Tourism Update Coming Very Soon

Surviving Mars Gets New Expansion This Year, Free Tourism Update Coming Very Soon

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Surviving Mars is back in active development, now with Mass Effect: Legendary Edition and Ark: Survival Evolved studio Absraction Games leading the way. More expansive content is in the works, and a free tourism update goes leave on Monday for all players–that “all players” total just so happens to have reached 5 million.

The news was made as part of the Paradox Insider presentation on March 13, which also featured news and gameplay from several of the publisher’s biggest series. The tourism update includes an RC Safari, which arrives from Earth, but you can also make own. You can then set different points of interest on your colony and let visitors explore. Additionally, there’s a hotel feature you can use after completing a research task, as well as a low-gravity amusement park. Depending on the rating tourists give you, you’ll get a certain amount of funds and rewards.

For those willing to pay a little extra, there are some new furnishing and building options available through the $5 In-Dome Buildings Pack. They include new smart apartments, a nursery, medical and security posts, and a TV studio workshop. They were developed with the help of the modder Silva, who has also published files for languages and huge assortment of buildings on their Steam account.

There will also be a full-fledged expansion coming for Surviving Mars later this year. We don’t have a firm date, but we should hear more as we get further into 2021.

“The game is in good hands with Abstraction,” said Surviving Mars product manager Magnus Lysell in the announcement. “We’re humbled by the overwhelming support for Surviving Mars. 5 million players is huge and we can’t wait to share what’s next with all of you soon!”

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