Teaching Public Speaking Success – Speak From the Heart



In teaching public speaking success one of the greatest lessons is that of knowing to speak from the heart. 

Why Speak From the Heart?

In giving a speech that incorporates your true feelings on a subject you will be seen as genuine. You will also gain a lot of respect for having the confidence to show your feelings through your words. You will also be seen as a great natural speaker. This is because what you say will reflect your thoughts and not what you have instead tried to memorise.

You will also more likely be speaking in a more normal, conversational way and be making much better eye contact with your audience. You will therefore be connecting with your audience and thereby giving your listeners a much more enjoyable experience. Remember that your audience wants to enjoy your speech just as much as you want to give an enjoyable speech. In speaking from the heart you will know what you have to say and this allows you to connect with the audience better.

Speaking from the heart can also help you when an unplanned and impromptu speech is necessary.


Impromptu Speeches

If you have not planned a speech then one of the best things you can do is to speak from the heart. To speak with true emotion will show you to be genuine, natural and will set you apart from anyone else that might be giving a speech.


Planned Speeches

If you are planning a speech it will still be of great benefit for you to write your script to incorporate your feelings. When you later stand up to give your speech it will be clear that what you say is not only original but that the feelings you show are genuine. 



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