Tetris Effect: Connected Is Coming To Steam This Summer


Tetris Effect: Connected is headed to Steam this summer, and is now live. As its name implies, Tetris Effect: Connected is an enhanced version of the original game of that title, only with better support for multiplayer Tetris as well as new single-player content.

The game originally came out as a limited-time Xbox console exclusive back in November 2020, and it’s set to come to PC and PS4 later this summer. Tetris Effect: Connected includes both the usual competitive Tetris, but it also includes a three-player cooperative mode. The game is directed by Tetsuya Mizuguchi, a Japanese designer and producer well-known for his synaesthetic output, including the cult hit Rez and its re-release Rez Infinite. Developer Enhance that it is working on a new project.


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In GameSpot’s Tetris Effect: Connected review, critic Mike Epstein praised the game for its mesmerizing aesthetics, as well as adding in more creative modes to the central Tetris action.

“But there’s no time for regrets in Tetris,” he wrote. “The next piece is falling and you only have a few seconds to put it in place. Then the next piece, and the one after that. Some people meditate to clear their minds. Other people cook, or build models. Tetris Effect has a similar capacity to clear your mind. In 2018, that made Tetris Effect feel special. In 2020, it feels essential.”

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