The 15 Best Jump Ropes to Make Your Cardio Routine a Little More Fun

The 15 Best Jump Ropes to Make Your Cardio Routine a Little More Fun

by Sue Jones
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We love jump ropes for their versatility—whether you’re doing intense cardio or a simple warm-up, they can get the job done. Some of the best jump ropes are made for speed, meaning they’re lightweight for rapid skipping. Others are weighted in order to integrate a bit of strength training into your workout. Both can help you reach overarching fitness goals like improved strength and increased endurance, so in our minds both deserve a place in your workout gear arsenal (besides, you probably have space for both). Second only to its versatility is the jump rope’s size—if you have a spare hook somewhere in your home gym, you have storage space for a jump rope.

If there’s any downside to making jumping rope part of your regular fitness routine, it’s that there are just too many jump ropes on the market to choose from. More specifically, there are a lot of subpar jump ropes out there. If you want to take this (honestly very fun) form of exercise seriously, you need equipment with intentional design features, like a ball bearing system in the handles to ensure a smooth swing and an adjustable rope length to fit your exact height. 

Luckily, amid the less-than-great options are plenty of ropes that are easy and enjoyable to use. Here, we’ve selected some of the most well-reviewed, best-selling jump ropes on the internet right now, from both industry faves like Crossrope and essential brands like GoFit. Read on to find the best jump ropes to add to your home cardio workouts—they’ll undoubtedly leave you jumping for joy.

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