The 17 Best Socks for Every Kind of Workout, According to Instructors

The 17 Best Socks for Every Kind of Workout, According to Instructors

by Sue Jones
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When it comes to socks, noticing them usually means something is wrong, like bunching, chafing, or lack of compression. The best socks for working out should go unnoticed, quietly supporting your feet while keeping them dry as you work towards your next personal record. When looking for a pair of socks, you might not put too much thought into it; maybe you just toss a 12-pair value pack into your cart, or find the cheapest ankle socks on Amazon to add to your monthly order. But if you want to level up your training and make your podiatrist proud, we implore you to find the best workout socks for you, not just the most convenient. 

Finding a high-quality workout sock requires some research into the type of movement you’ll be wearing them for (like cardio, resistance training, or studio), and any specific foot needs, like extra arch support, a reinforced heel, or anti-odor technology. To make your search a little simpler, we tapped group fitness instructors, personal trainers, and professional runners to find out the best performance socks for every kind of workout, from running socks that marathoners swear by to socks for indoor cycling and reformer Pilates, and everything in between. These pairs provide extra cushioning where it counts, superior support, and mesh ventilation so that you can focus on what really matters.

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