The Advantages of Fusion Hair Extensions



I do not know about you but I regularly get bored with my own appearance! I keep getting the uncomfortable feeling that constantly looking the same, results in my going unnoticed by people who matter – my superiors, the pretty girl at the next table – everyone. How wonderful it would be if I could, at will, change the way I look. But wait! A fantastic bit of information has reached me. Obviously, there is something known as Hair Extension which can lengthen my hair and make it look fuller and more lustrous by attaching additional hair to my head. While this would certainly enhance my appearance, I can have it taken off if I get bored with that too.

There are basically three methods of extending your hair. Firstly, there is the process of weaving. This involves sewing the hair extension into a woman's natural hair which is woven around threads, creating a track in the process. The extensions are then stitched into these tracks. The second method is the clip-on variety in which, as the name implies, the extension is clipped on to the original hair. And then there is the Fusion Hair Extension method. This has gained in popularity and ensures a head of hair which blends in most naturally with your own. We'd like to tell you something about it.

This process is one in which 20 to 30 strands of the extended hair have an application of warm keratin bond put on them by means of a keratin gun. The extended hair is then attached to a small portion of your own hair and the two lots of hair are rolled together until a smooth protein bond is made. Work then begins on another strand. Usually, it requires around 150 separate strands to be applied to complete a full head of hair for a woman and it takes about three hours to complete.

The process we have described above forms the "hot" fusion method. A second fusion method exists known as the "cold" method. This too uses keratin-based polymer for attaching the hair extensions to the original hair but it is not a heat-based process and experts feel that it is probably better for people who have thin or fine hair.

In both these methods, the process begins from the nape of the neck and is worked up to the crown. And you have to decide on a hairstyle before you begin the process because the style and the parting have to be incorporated right at the beginning.

Anyhow, whatever method you use, you will have to be prepared for an expenditure which is more than the other two ways of extending your hair (weaving and clipping). But it is the common perception that it is worth it. So if you are going in for an image-makeover, you might as well select the process of Fusion Hair Extensions which is more likely to be longer lying and which significantly enhances your appearance.



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